Inter Football Manager app on Facebook is ready. It is available from facebook search or just directly:

Inter Football Manager for Facebook

You can join your Facebook acoount with your current team and play directly on Facebook. In order to do that, during first app start select option „Login and connect with facebook account”.

Also, now you can manage you club from iPhone or iPod, as iOS version is now available on the App Store!

Inter Football Manager for iPhone and iPad

Contact email

- Recompiled with AIR SDK version 17 (previous was with 13)
- Background smoothing and corrections on edit tactics and arena screens
- Registration button fix on wide screens
- Reminder when manager license is expiring in less than a week
- Arena roof construction costs modified
- Added icons for future use

Recompilation with AIR 17, that should mean removing some hardware problems and crashes, but also may produce new problems, please report as soon as you notice.

All found bugs can be reported at email

We are introducing Inter Football Manager, online and mobile football manager game. Develop home-grown talent, or explore the transfer market, invent your own tactics and compete against other managers to prove you are the best football manager in the world!

Beta release

Currently game is in beta release, that means that you are able to play online only, also there are some bugs and glitches. All found bugs can be reported at email .

Why it is paid?

Problem of most online football games, where you should compete with other people, is that users often register to game and start the team... and never visit them again. Such team stays for days or weeks in your league, and all season you have to play against such teams, as user continuing play ratio is often low, like eg. 5%. We believe that symbolical amount to pay will make registration more well considered. Also, of course, servers cost and our time cost a money. In beta release we have high discounts, but still, in beta release game is paid.